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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  July 1, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm CDT

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mayor emanuel unveiled his plans to help fill a budget hole, and says it's now up to the unions to help fund the rest of the money. good afternoon i'm steve sanders and tim dina bair we welcome our viewers were watching us around the country and wgn america and on the web will go to uriel claire who is live from city hall >>they are trying to close at
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$31 million budget gap the mayor has come up with to plans to save $20 million >>i'm not going to fill about 200 positions that are open and in the remaining six months that will accumulate to $10 million in savings >>federally qualified community health care is better health care in five of six measurements and they do it better than the city of chicago would so were the partner with those programs and save the taxpayers at least $10 million there >>said that accounts for the 20 and for the remaining 11 million workplace reform is getting discussed with the union leaders ideas are being floated
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to those union leaders and he is awaiting reaction >>the furlough has been given back as of today what we need now to do for that remaining 11 million partners we need to work as partners with the unions to come up with savings they said their ideas will come forward in the next two weeks there just not ready yet >>he has laid it all about it now appears to be in the hands of the union's ... these are not negotiations he asserted that they are initially discussions >>the latest storm to blow to
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chicago has left behind more damage last night's hail pelted a garfield park conservatory and shattered its roof ... >>this is such a sad day for this natural oasis on the west side here we just learned that this storm get up to $5 million damage tear the roof of the conservatory is a loss and will remain closed indefinitely >>what was the glass roof over the firm on has been shattered damaging the permanent collection >>the show house production house and desert houses were affected with damages as well as that beloved fern room.. >>we will have special contractors' command to work on
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those glass panes >>the help of the plants is in jeopardy the tropical and the azaleas are out of reach ... >>we have not had a chance to go into those plant beds yet the safety of my employees is the highest priority until that can be secured we won't be going into those plant beds to assess damage but that will be next >>navarinos when conservatory will reopen talk is going toward months rather than weeks >>it's expensive undertaking money is scarce >>i'm having a hard time talking about this and absorbing all it's so heartbreaking for me we have come such a long way we did some work this as the collections being affected it's
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affecting our ability to continue with the programs right now on the significant thing is that we raised a lot of funds and on the work ... >>part of a conservatory may open as early next week but the main rooms and the actual conservatory will be closed until further notice you can follow the progress of the cleanup and rebuilding effort on the web site for the conservatory >>the storms also dropped destructive help flooded streets and not over some trees ... here's a look at some of the hell that fell down last night outside of our studio here they'll hit some cars as it covered our parking lot the same thing happened in the parking lot at area 5 police headquarters where several vehicles and wind chills were damaged ... >>the storm also had winds that
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were strong enough to knock over street lamps at randolph and columbus and large trees in the gold coast neighborhoods near lake shore drive were uprooted a viaduct near kedzie and the stevenson expressway were flooded some vehicles made it through but at least one car stalled commonwealth edison continues working to restore power to thousands man in the north suburbs at the height of the storm hundred 45,000 customers were in the dark that number drops significantly at this hour 22,000 people are without power 15,000 of those are in the northern suburbs 3000 without power in the southern suburbs 3500 people are without power in chicago >>nancy loo is up north with the report >>everywhere you look in illinois beach state park there is devastation among the natural beauty ... last night the storm
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did a big number on this popular summer destination half of the trees are down at the resort where there is some roof damage and there are two weddings scheduled for tomorrow >>the meeting rooms look good we still plan to go ahead with those weddings >>the sleeping rooms will have some damage in maybe people will be accommodated elsewhere >>some suspect there was a tornado here in scion beach park and winthrop harbor lines are down as well as trees >>people can't recall ever seeing such damage here >>there were trees on top of cars inside houses you name it i have seen bad things here but this is pretty bad >>i looked out of the hotel i saw the tornado coming off the lake and to the hotel there was no doubt in my mind there was rotation that was a tornado
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back at the resort the races on to reopen by tonight for private events >>our business has been good the last couple of years we can't complain >>this is a set bacchanal heard a little bit maybe for the next 30 days after that and we should be back to normal >>three people suffered minor injuries during the storm along with the beach resort the state park and north point marina are also closed today due to the damage >>live from scion i am nancy loo >>four people are expected to be charged today for shooting in fell apart police said a fight broke out last night at an apartment building on the printer block of north ardmore the fight then turned into gunfire and one person was shot an unarmed three people including the man had the arm which taken to hospital
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>>a deal has been reached and finding the university of notre dame paying osha and the death of a football team videographer declan sullivan died last fall when a hydraulic lift he was using toppled over and high wind and the and as occupational safety and health administration initially find the school more than $72,000 today notre dame agreed to pay $42,000 and launch a national campaign on unsafe use of scissor lifts the national weather service had issued a wind advisory on the day that he died gusts had reached 53 mi. per hour >>a man with ties to chicago is it to appear in court today charged with boarding planes with other people's tickets on june 24th blush a day and we beallotted day no alive today nearly
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bh and nigerian man boarded a virgin american flight to los angeles >>he was apprehended after passengers reported his odd behavior >>he had a bad boy in press and a proper and improper id >>he was stopped at the gate he has a house in willowbrook and does business here in chicago >>illinois no longer has the death penalty the state's ban on capital punishment when into effect today nearly four months after governor quinn sign the measure he commuted sentences of the 15 death row inmates to life in prison >>governor quinn also make cuts in medicaid and education spending before he sent state budget last night the governor cut three engines and 6 $9 from the budget that state lawmakers
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had sent over to m most of that comes in attendance 76 mind are cut medicaid reimbursements hospital serving low-income patients >>
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the casey anthony murder trial is scheduled to resume this hour after the judge called a recess this morning >>the prosecution and defense are arguing over testament and the prosecution's rebuttal the judge had harsh words for both attorneys today he said he hoped to get the case to the jury this weekend. yesterday the defense rested without putting anthony on the witness stand anthony says that caylee's death was accidental former imf director
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dominique strauss-kahn is released without bail after major credibility issue surfaced about his accuser and made it in new york hotel accused strauss- kahn of rape and re but now prosecutors are reassessing the case after to investigators say that she lied about details of the alleged attack the judge has agreed to release dominique strauss-kahn on his own recognizance and return his 1 $9 bell and $5 million bond he has been free under house arrest since may the charges have not been dropped at this point >>to major sports leagues are now shut down by a labor dispute the nba has followed in the nfl footsteps and locked out its players the nba collective bargaining agreement expired at midnight after league officials and players union's met but failed to strike a deal honors won a hard salary cap and a bigger share of the profits >>the duke and duchess of
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cambridgeshire taking part in canada day activities today and ottawa yesterday they met with canada's prime minister steven harper and took part in several military ceremonies they also attended a barbecue with young community service volunteers and as the royal couple celebrate canada's 144th birthday today also has a somber tone it would have been princess diana's 50th birthday >>wes
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on the medical lodge a new study shows women at risk for developing melanoma may cut their risk in half by taking a combination of vitamin d. the women most at risk of
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developing a life-threatening cancer those who have had previous non melanoma form of skin cancer vitamin d and calcium are well known for their roles in bone growth but they also affect other cells in the body researchers aren't sure why the combination is preventative and said further studies are needed read more about it in the on-line edition of the journal of clinical oncology. >>and collet exercise and a bottle when people are sedentary their muscles shrank as of as it sounds scientific evidence shows a healthy ingredient in red wine reservatrol shote slows muscle deterioration it is no substitute for exercise but it may help combat the negative effects of not exercising >>burgers french fries and beer goes is a growing trend at fast
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food joints across the country beginning this summer some sonic restaurants in florida will begin serving beer and wine the move follows the same path as burger king's whopper bars in the miami las vegas and the kansas that already sell beer in seattle starbucks stores are also serving adult beverages economists say that in a tough econ
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the heat is to the west of us. that intense heat we predicted for today is what is driving this pattern but instead we have lots of rain and clouds moving
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and different directions and at different levels that's called directional wind shear. the sun is blazing from western illinois to the western states. those of thunderstorms have tempered the predicted high heat for today >>we are at 86 degrees it will be cooler in indiana that's where the clouds will be breaking this afternoon when the clouds pull away it's still raining like the devil out there. >>these storms are blowing up into our area look at the
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persistent ways these clouds developed. the storms were running down the lake. the jet stream slices self word along the length of the lake forming the thunderstorms and others like a prolific kind of lightning. the heaviest rain is falling in a relatively narrow corridor near indiana. as you go west not much rain at all thunderstorm's occurred to the east of us. we had over 1 in. of rain in some areas in the metro area some areas out in the lake
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may have gotten 10 in. of rain. and northern indiana is getting that worst of that flash flooding. wind gusts are reported of over 30 mi. per hour near chicago heights. it's 76 degrees currently at o'hare. we want catch up and get into the 90 degree temperatures today tomorrow we may make it there. the heat is concentrated in iowa. and look at those 100
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degree plus temperatures in kansas right now driving all of this and wind gusts with the storms went to 90 mi. per hour near waukegan and there was a fatality in kenosha where a tree fell on a motorcycle rider. 60 maybe 70 mi. per hour around the chicago area with lots of haleil. 100 degrees in salina kansas.
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sustained winds at o'hare are 22 mi. per hour. the jet stream is not moving keeping those storms firing over
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the same locations. we will have a warmer day tomorrow and it only 30 percent of the area may be struck with thunderstorms in the afternoon we will have to keep an eye on this ... possible severe weather tomorrow afternoon but sunday and monday the weather will be gorgeous no rain in the forecast. today's high temperature will ultimately be around 86 degrees tonight partly cloudy breezy warmer and more humid.
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sunshine greasy creek warm and humid tomorrow high of 92 degrees with a thunderstorm possible in the afternoon. sunday mostly cooler sunny yes humanless humid 92 degrees. the temperature will be rising on monday and tuesday of next week my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts.
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